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  LYBINA online filament store has changed to PLASTRUDE, all products are available for

  ex-works delivery or pickup from Bayswater, Victoria.



NEW PHONE NUMBER  : +61 3 9761 7544


Welcome to PLASTRUDE Pty Ltds ABS & PLA sales portal, you will need to create a free account  and log in to see pricing.

Plastrude Pty Ltd is based in Melbourne and manufactures all the ABS & PLA filament at our plant in Bayswater, Victoria.



All materials irrispective 1.75 and 3.0 mm are now packed onto one common sized coil as pictured below and is all one price (+ GST).

All coils are approximately 1.0 Kg ( ≈1Kg ) and have double core with a centre mount I.D core of 54mm making them compatible with 99% of all commercial printers spool holding devices.

The filament is wound onto the secondary core of 100mm to ensure that the filament is still easy to handle in the printing process.



We have PAYPAL enabled through our web shop and you will have the option to Direct Transfer funds or send us a Money Order.

If you prefer to pay by Credit Card we can accept this payment type but you wil have to contact Plastrude Pty Ltd directly with your shop invoice number on  03 9761 4070.


Please contact us on 03 9761 7544 if you wish to make Credit Card payments.




Lybina has a range of colours in both 1.75mm and 3.0mm

See in store for more details

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